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The KLEIN OAK DANCE COMPANY  (KODC) is the non-competitive, co-ed dance performing group at

Klein Oak,  with focus on Classical, Contemporary, and Theatrical techniques. 

Admission to this level of dance is by AUDITION ONLY.

After school rehearsals are limited to allow for additional intensive training in the studio setting. 

KODC is open to only those students who LOVE to dance and wish to continue a more intensive study

into various forms of dance as well as the art of choreography. KODC performs on campus and at

various venues throughout the school year (Jones Hall, Annual Dance Concerts, etc). KODC attends

one to two dance conventions (NYCDA, 24Seven, LADM) each year but does not compete. 

KODC and the KO Dance Program hope to provide students with a liberal arts orientation to dance with the intention to develop students who may become choreographers, dance scholars, and / or dance performers. In addition, the program welcomes those students who seek life enrichment through dance. 



      San Jac Performance of "9/10" Choreographed by Andy Noble - (Click Here)

      San Jac Performance of "Next to You" Choreographed by Shayna Swanson - (Click Here)

      Generation Next Festival Houston Performance Choreographed by Kavita Rao - (Click Here)

      Generation Next Festival Houston Performance Choreographed by Dorrell Martin - (Click Here)

If you LOVE to dance but don't want to be committed to a performing group like KODC, please see one of the dance faculty about auditioning / enrolling in "ADVANCED DANCE."



HOW TO AUDITION - Tips from Mrs. Curry - (Click Here) 

IMPRESS and Be Your BEST by Monica Levy - Dance Spirit Magazine February 2009 - (Click Here) 



  • What type of performances do they do?  KODC studies classical and contemporary styles, focused on Ballet, Contemporary/Modern, Theatrical (Tap/Jazz) and various world styles (Bollywood, Chinese, etc).  

  • Does the dance company only have their performances at the school?  No.  it just depends on the opportunities available.  We have performed at MATCH, Jones Hall, Museum of Fine Arts, Pearl Fincher Museum, San Jacinto College, the Statue of Liberty and more.  We love to collaborate with other organizations, such as: Klein Oak Orchestra, Klein Oak Jazz Band, etc.  

  • Do the dance company members go to conventions, master classes, or things like that?  Yes!  We love to attend conventions (LADM, NYCDA, The Streetz, just to name a few).  And we enjoy having guest artists in to teach master classes and set choreographic works.  

  • Are there any volunteer / financial commitments from parents?  Yes.  We always need volunteers to help with our performances and trips as well as fundraising activities.  The financial commitment consists of the course fee at the beginning of the year, dance attire throughout the year, convention/jam fees, and other miscellaneous expenses.  We do our best to keep it to a minimum but also want students to be able to experience a lot. 

  • So if they are accepted they have to take the class during the school day and Does the class count as fine art credit?  YES.  It is integral that they take the class in order to be a member.  The bulk of our learning / rehearsing happens during class.  Any dance class at Klein Oak can count for FINE ARTS and PE credit.  

  • How many students will be accepted in KODC for next year?  There is no limit to the number of members but I am careful to make sure the organization is not too large yet I want to include as many students as possible to have a dance family/home at Klein Oak

Dancer Mackenzie Bingham

Photo by Whitney Gilmer

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