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  • Oak Break Krew was established in 2008.  It is the Hip-Hop / bboy crew at Klein Oak High School.

  • OBK performs throughout the year at school events (pep rallies, carnivals, dance shows) and competes at local jams. ​​

  • We are always looking to add dancers with heart, talent (Hip Hop/BBoyin’/Poppin’/etc.) and the spirit to represent Klein Oak High School in a positive manner. 

  • OBK meets during daily (Hip Hop Crew 1,2,3,4) and one day a week after school until 4:15pm.  OBK fulfills either PE or FINE ARTS requirements.

  • After one full year of participation and earning 30 points, it is possible to earn a letter jacket in OBK.​​


"OBK isn't just about the art of break dancing or dance in general. It's about you as an individual who wants to improve. This organization wouldn't exist if there wasn't a group of dancers who aspired to become better and wanted to share the same passion with each other. OBK continues that dream and legacy of the people who started that passion. Alongside this dream, each member sees each other as a second family who will stay  with you throughout your high school life, even after. In short, there will never be a moment of loneliness as this group will create some of the best high school memories."   

V. Huyhn (OBK Member 2015-2017)

Heading 1


  • What type of performances do they do?  OBK studies Breaking, Popping, Hip Hop and others. 

  • So if they are accepted they have to take the class during the school day and Does the class count as fine art credit?  YES.  It is integral that they take the class in order to be a member.  The bulk of our learning / rehearsing happens during class.  Any dance class can count for FINE ARTS and PE credit.  

  • How many students will be accepted in Krew for next year?  There is no limit to the number of members on OBK but I am careful to make sure the organization is not too large yet I want to include as many students as possible to have a dance family/home at Klein Oak.  

  • Do they have to compete in competitions?  OBK attends and hosts jams each year.  

  • Are there any specific things they’re looking for through the Break Crew audition?  The hunger to learn. 

  • Are there any volunteer / financial commitments from parents?  Yes.  We always need volunteers to help with our performances and trips as well as fundraising activities.  The financial commitment consists of the course fee at the beginning of the year, dance attire throughout the year, convention/jam fees, and other miscellaneous expenses.  We do our best to keep it to a minimum but also want students to be able to experience a lot.  

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