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(Modeled after the International Thespian Society Mission)


The primary mission of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) and Lettering Program is to promote and honor outstanding dance achievement in KOHS students as well as encourage well-rounded dance artists to become leaders in their communities after high school graduation.


Student membership in the NHSDA and qualification for lettering shall be awarded on the basis of points earned for meritorious work in dance that meet the general guidelines and, when appropriate, on the basis of dance class grade point average.  In addition, the prospective member’s demonstration of collaborative teamwork, motivation, and participation in the many aspects of dance (choreography, performance, teaching, production, etc.) is a factor in the determination of eligibility for membership.



To qualify for a Letter and membership in NHSDA, a student must have completed 1 year of dance in an approved High School Dance Program, a participating member of Dance Company, Oak Break Krew, IB Dance (NHSDA only) or Strutters (Dance Team) and be in good standing with KO Administration and the Dance Program.  They may also qualify if enrolled and participating fully in their 4th year of dance at Klein Oak.  A student must earn 30 points, at least 20 of which should be earned while participating in dance activities within the program of the chapter site (through KOHS).  At the sponsor’s discretion, a student may earn up to 10 points while participating in community dance activities or other activities in the performing arts outside of the chapter program.  Documentation (signed letters of participation on letterhead, etc.) should be obtained for any activities the student submits outside of the chapter’s program.  If a student letters in Strutters, they may not letter in Dance simultaneously.



Upon induction, all members will receive a certificate of membership.  In addition, members may participate in special events or receive mailings generated by the NDEO.  Inducted students are encouraged to include their membership in scholarship packets and/or resumes for college or dance employment.  All students who qualify will receive a letter (purchased by the dance program) and a bar for each year thereafter.  


Point System

Participation in Dance Courses and Studio Classes - Meritorious completion of hours in dance courses or studio training (45 hours of studio participation and ½ semester of dance course ) - 1 Participation in Dance Productions, Concerts, Competitions / Jams  and Musical Theater

Performance in a production, concert, competition / jam or musical (includes rehearsal time)  (no more than 1/3 of total points can be used from this category) - 1 per event

Participation in Other Duties Related to Dance or Musical Theater Production - Stage Manager or backstage crew, Lighting designer or crew, Set Design or construction, Costume Design or construction, Wardrobe crew, Properties manager or crew, Sound Technician

Make-up Design or crew. Dance Captain / Rehearsal Director, Publicity manager, Videographer - 1 per event

Participation in a Dance Festival, convention, Master Class or Workshop  - 4 hours - 1 


Teaching Opportunities - Projects completed outside of course assigned activities  (4 hours) - 1

Participation in Form Adjudication- Choreographer - Dancer - 1 per event

Choreography Projects completed outside of course assigned activities (i.e.: Choir, Theater, Church, Community, Quinciñeras) - 1 per project

Scholarship - Papers or other projects completed outside of graded course assignments – for example, critiques of dance performances either taped or live (per format provided) - 1 per project

Eligibility - Earned all grades of 70 or above in all classes for the entire year and 90 or above in Dance - 2 per year

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